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Behold our second studio album, ELBY BRASS IS DTF. Full length and full strength, it's ten songs of hardcore awesome recorded right here in Fredericksburg. Packed to the brim with head-bopping jams, sick licks, and verbal wordplay, this is some real deal heavy horn funk.

Thanks to all of our crew who've been partying with us for years, keep on making Fred funky. Are you DTF? Listen and find out.


released April 26, 2013

Performed by
Lucas Fritz - Trumpet
Evan Coleman - Trumpet
Matt Gray - Saxophone
Dan Fong - Saxophone
Drew Orr - Trombone
Glen Bulloss - Trombone
Zach Santulli - Bass Trombone
Seth Casana - Sousaphone
Brandon Sibley - Drum Kit
Josh Parrett - Quads

Recorded by Derek Kirkman in Fredericksburg, VA
Mastered by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver's Recording Studio
Cover photo by Stephen Graham


all rights reserved



ELBY BRASS Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg's homegrown street brass band specializing in heavy horn funk. Trumpets, trombones, saxophones, sousaphones, and drums ignite on stage, authentic purple and gold uniforms tie it all together. Don't expect anything but brash raw party grooves and definitely don't expect to stand still. ... more

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Track Name: Make Fred Funky
what do we got to do?
so funky right now

funky right now
funky, breaking down every sacred cow
with guns and snowplows or gums and know-how
anything the law of the land with allow
somehow I avow by the bead of my brow
to endow every vowel from the base of my bowel
the whole world 'round resound in the sound
of The Underground Tao, so funky right now

own the zip code, catch twenty-two to the four-oh-no
the funk was now cold but bound to take hold
that's why I'm bringing hotness for souls to behold
now, you could be king if you want to
or just never do a thing if you want to
grab the microphone and sing like I taught you
so funky right now, whatcha gonna do?
Track Name: My Body Glows
don't need no flashlight
don't need no heat lamp in the snow
don't need no batteries
'cause my body glows

shining in the morning
better at night
and you can see my skin through my clothes
'cause my body glows

call me firestarter
you can call me gigolo
'cause I'm the human dynamo
'cause my body glows

don't need no money
don't need no clothes
don't need no nothing
'cause my body glows
Track Name: Piles Of Crap
piles of crap
piles and piles and piles of crap
piles of crap

talking 'bout my girlfriend
she calls me on the weekend
said she wants to be friends
but only in the A.M.
then about a month ago
the girl gone preggo
said the kid's mine, yo
but she ain't sure, though
I met a cute young thing
she want to dancing
I tried to see Venus
she said, "I love Jesus!"
she had me doing back bends
and then she hit all of my friends
now she's crying to me
she wants to get married?
that's a pile of crap

the boss done told me
I got to do OT
but they can't pay me
I got to do that for free
now where is all the money
I'm saving for the company?
oh, it went right there
my boss's new desk chair
now I'm tired of it
people giving me shit
don't bring it around
I ain't your dumping ground
all my family and friends
say, "I don't mean to offend
but, but, but, but..."
why don't you just shut up?
Track Name: DTF
yo, I'm DTF
so if you're DTF
run to DTF
then you can catch your breath
in downtown Fredericksburg
I said downtown Fredericksburg
yo, I'm DTF
so if you're DTF
see I run DTF
with my homeboy Seth
I talking downtown Fredericksburg
downtown Fredericksburg

now RVA is where I call my home
but up in DTF is where my name is known
rolling up ninety-five exit one-two-six
Caroline, Princess Anne is where I get my kicks
when I roll DTF I'm going ten cats deep
funk van with the clan don't you try and creep
we'll get you movin' your mass, pardon me if I'm crass
"are all of y'all DTF?" is the question I ask
now there's the U of Mary Wash straight keepin' it real
all my ladies in the house, tell me, how do y'all feel?
man, I never felt better than cruisin' 'round downtown
jammin' out on Good Weather
instead of rollin' on the river DTF will deliver
good times every time, now just pray for my liver
the beer's always flowin', my chi is always glowin'
purple jacket, black tie, all the ladies be knowin'

coming in hot from the frosty north
with the bass trombone sliding back and forth
Sasquatch on the mic and I will infect
it's the double time freak in DTF
I know my hot licks got you weak in the knees
but please, ladies, guard your ovaries
or my funky fresh beats will knock you up
no fiction, my diction will corrupt
Farmhouse Lovin' is where it's at
find me on the river with a full backpack
double-sided paddle about to smack dat
bust out the stuff sack in the back of the kayak
it's about to get hairy
I do it every way except missionary
if you're DTF and you want a real man
then I'm DTF and I'm your biggest fan

yo, I'm straight DTF, that's why I'm coming up next
been down for a minute, now it's time to catch rep
drove to far off shows playing KFC
but we never left F, espec' not DT
doing this freedom dance thing for days
tried fried dog, tasted foot decay
trunk funk dumplings
two fresh dumpster things
fire dragon thunderings
fine dandruff tumblings
fake: doing things freeloader-style
dumb: taking feces dirtbagger-style
true: Fredericksburg dominates
try'n front DTF, diss to face
when the FBI calls the CIA
shaking down VA for the NSA
you best check the word and F what you heard
throwing down in downtown Fredericksburg

because I'm DTF
so if you're DTF
run to DTF
then you can catch your breath
in downtown Fredericksburg
I said, downtown Fredericksburg
I know you're DTF
I'm always DTF
If you're not DTF
then I'm like WTF
I like downtown Fredericksburg
I'm talking downtown Fredericksburg
Track Name: Junk Collector
I'm just a junk collector with some nerdish tendencies
yeah, a junk collector with freaky-deak propensities
I can't pretend to be something that I'm not
but I've got some tricks to fit in this society

now I'm not a hoarder 'cause I keep my junk in order
I'm not a pack rat 'cause I only keep stuff that is
awesome or useful or vintage or rare or...
ok, I've got a little bit of a problem
but if I ever meet a girl, I've got a good game plan
I'm going to have to clean the crap from out my minivan
because I scored this main frame last week, was really neat
but all the data spools are taking up the passenger seat
I got a copy of the local paper on her birthday
that'll be a nice ice breaker on our first date
and I'm rolling in this totally pimp shirt, yo
I just found it in the trash a half an hour ago
and -- well, of course I washed it first, jeez
what do you take me for, some kind of hobo with herpes?
I mean, uh, wait! you got it all wrong
ah, crud... listen, babe, do you want to hear a song?

antique shops, swap meets, and yard sales
dumpster diving, I really don't care if your
hair kind of smells when you're done, it's kind of fun
and if you find a good one, it's like the Holy Grail
I've got a sweet stash, but I ain't putting on airs
I'm bringing home laptops and broken wheelchairs
that I find when I'm roaming down around in the street
I'm like, how could someone throw away a broken TV?
if you had at least three, you could stack'em like so
and have a Tower of Babel right in your front door
take'em downtown to that abandoned skyrise
defenestrate them all, see how well they can fly
or better yet, rip'em open, get the vaccuum tubes
put two in your bra, have transister boobs
put the third one in your pants sticking out of your butt
then everyone who sees you will be like, "what?"
she got ba-dunk-a-dunk, junk in the trunk
not junk like blubber, talking junk like stuff

'cause I'm a junk collector, rocking what I got
yeah, a junk collector and sure 'nough, it's kind of hot
'cause I'm the funk protector, the superfly MC
but if you happen to have some junk
well, won't you pass it to me?
Track Name: A.H. Tint
now I got my windows tinted at A.H. Tint
Andrew Hellier, make'em look stone cold pimp
now I got my windows tinted at A.H. Tint
Andrew Hellier, rockin' like a stone cold pimp
now I got my windows tinted at A.H. Tint
Andrew Hellier, make'em look stone cold pimp
now I got my windows tinted at A.H. Tint
Andrew Hellier, make'em look dope as shit
Track Name: Farmhouse Lovin'
now I love this town and all these people, too
but from time to time, there's something that I gots to do
pack up my ditty bag, turn up the tunes
cruise out to where the cattle roam, I'm going get it on with you
and when the sun goes down, I think I'm going to go down, too
'cause it's farmhouse lovin' with the windows wide open
and there ain't no substitute

we've got some tricky choices and they're all risqué
we going to do it in your grandma's bed
or in the barn on a bale of hay?
don't tell my friends at home, I know what they'll say
but if you want, call your sister, too, have a country-time three way
we can take it 'till the twelfth round
and then we'll drink some cheap whiskey
'cause it's farmhouse lovin' with the windows wide open
don't bother getting dressed today